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Friability Test Apparatus (PLT-279)

APPLICATIONS of Friability Test Equipment
  • Friability is the tendency for a tablet to chip, crumble or break following compression. This tendency is normally confined to un-coated tablets and surfaces during handling or subsequent storage.
  • For obvious reasons, tablets need to be hard enough such that they do not break up in the bottle but friable enough that they disintegrate in the gastrointestinal tract after indigestion. Thus for the Pharmaceutical industry it is imperative and of foremost importance to check the Friability of the tablets before dispatching them to sell to the customers.
  • Tanco’s Friability test Equipment is a rage among the Pharmaceutical Industry in India and abroad and is highly sort after. Available in

  • Single Drum with Timer,

  • Double Drum with Timer,

  • Double Drum with RPM Counter.