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Health Care Equipment

We are one of the Renowned Manufacturers and Exporters of Health Care Equipment in India. We are Catering customers of india As well as Aboard .
Vertical Autoclave
Vertical Autoclave
- Fully Automatic (PLT-101 A)
Vertical Autoclave
- GMP Model(PLT-101 B)
Vertical Autoclave
- Triple Walled(PLT-101 C)
Horizontal Autoclave
Horizontal Cylindrical
Steam Sterilizer (PLT-103)
Horizontal Rectangular High
Pressure Sterilizer (PLT-103 B)
Portable Autoclave
(PLT-105 A)
Medical Waste Sterilizer
(PLT-105 B)
Portable Autoclave
(Cooker Type) (PLT-105 E)
Table Top Portable Autoclave
Complete SS (PLT-105 I)
Water Bath Rectangular Single
Walled (PLT-107)
Water Bath Rectangular
Double Walled (PLT-108)
Serological Water
Bath (PLT-109)
Oven Universal
Oven Universal Digital
(PLT-125 A)
Oven Universal
GMP Model (PLT-125 B)
Incubator Bacteriological
(Memmert Type) (PLT-136)
Incubator Bacteriological
Digital (PLT-136 A)
Incubator Bacteriological
GMP Model (PLT-136 B)
BOD Incubator
Automatic (PLT-141)
BOD Incubator GMP
Model (PLT-141 A)
Blood Storage
Cabinet (PLT-142)
Thawing Water
Bath (PLT-142 A)
Cryo Bath
(PLT-142 D)
Blood Bag Tube
Sealer (PLT-142 E)
Platelet Agitator
(PLT-142 F)
Platelet Incubator
(PLT-142 G)
Fluid Warming
Cabinet (PLT-143 A)
Medical / Pharma Refrigerator
(PLT-143 B)
Pharma Refrigerator
Economy Model (PLT-143 C)
Plasma Freezer
Deep Freezer
Vertical (PLT-153)
Deep Freezer
Horizontal (PLT-153 A)
Ultra Low Temperature
Cabinet (PLT-153 B)
Distill Water Still
(Wall Type) (PLT-155)
Distill Water Still
In All Glass (PLT-158)
Heating Plate
Round (PLT-160)
Heating Plate
Rectangular (PLT-163)
Medico Centrifuge
Magnetic Stirrer
Magnetic Stirrer ABS
Top (PLT-189)
Vortex Shaker/Test Tube
Shaker/ Cyclomixer (PLT-202)
Humidifier (Aerosol
Disinfector) (PLT-262 B)
Mortuary Chambers
Mortuary Freezers
(PLT-263 A)
Scrub Station
(PLT-263 B)
Grossing Table
(PLT-265 B)
Laminar Air Flow
(Horizontal) (PLT-270)
Laminar Air Flow
(Vertical) (PLT-271)
Biosafety Cabinet Class
II (PLT-275)
Biosafety Cabinet Class
III (PLT-275 A)
Jet Fogger Machine
Ph Meter
Ph Meter Lab Model - Digital
with ATC (EE-012)
PH Meter Microprocessor
Based (EE-012A)
Ultra Sonic Cleaner
Ultra Sonic Cleaner
Large (GE-011 A)
Microwave Based Disinfection
System (PLT-104)