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Jet Fogger Machine (PLT-304)

APPLICATIONS of Jet Fogger Machine
  • We are one of the largest manufacturers of Fogger Machine for fumigation used widely at Operation Theaters in Hospitals before the start of the operation.
  • Surgical site infections (SSIs) are the second most common cause of hospital acquired infections. These complications of surgical procedures cause considerable morbidity and, when the infection occurs deep at the site of the procedure, can lead to mortality as high as 77%.
  • The source of SSIs may be endogenous (normal flora of the patient’s skin, mucous membranes, or viscera) or exogenous, which includes surgical personnel (especially members of the surgical team), the surgical room environment (including air, floor & wall), and tools, instruments, and materials brought to the sterile field during surgery.
  • By maintaining sterile environment in surgical theater we can control major part of exogenous infections.
  • To stop the surgical site infection (SSI) the need of the hour is the Fogger Machine. Tanco’s Fogger Machine is perfect for the fumigation at Operation Theaters (OT).
  • Tanco regularly supplies Fogger Machine to Public (Central and State) and Private Hospitals besides pathological laboratories.
  • Outer Chamber is made up of MS powder coated
  • The inner chamber is made up of Stainless Steel (304 grade).
  • Between the outer and inner body wool is stuffed for insulation and for the prevention of thermal loss
  • Door Gasket is provided for proper sealing along with heavy hinges and door closing device
  • Heating elements are made up of high quality Nichrome
  • Kanthal wire are embedded around the chamber
  • Supplied with 1 (or) 2 removable shelves
  • Temperature is controlled by Electronic Digital temperature indicator and is fitted in front for easy visibility
  • Temperature is displayed on digital LED
  • Front panel beside the temperature display also includes the ON/OFF switch
  • Supplied with chord and Plug
  • Operating Voltage: 22 Volts AV (50 Hz)