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Horizontal Rectangular High Pressure Sterilizer (PLT-103 B)

APPLICATIONS of High Pressure Rectangular Horizontal Sterilizer
  • Robust and rigid construction.
  • Rectangular Horizontal High-Pressure Steam Sterilizer is Specially designed for Sterilization of Regulated Bio-Medical Hospital Waste and related spores. It is based on the principle that microbiological action of saturated steam at elevated temperature is rapid and through.
  • Rectangular Horizontal High-Pressure Steam Sterilizer is ideal tool for Hospitals & Nursing Homes.
SALIENT FEATURES & CONSTRUCTION of High Pressure Rectangular Horizontal Sterilizer
  • These Sterilizers work on the principle of downward displacement of air which is the most economical method of obtaining sterilization.
  • Triple walled with inner chamber and separate boiler is made up of Heavy gauge non magnetic S.S. Sheet (304/316 grade) argon-arc welded and jacket is made out of rolled steel.
  • Boiler Made of thick stainless steel fitted under the sterilizer. High grade flanged type heating elements are fitted from front side for easy replacement/repair. Fitted with water gauge glass for water level, safety valve, water inlet and drain valves provided with Low Water Level cut off device.
  • Whole unit horizontally mounted on a sturdy, heavy M.S. duly painted or Stainless steel tubular stand.
  • Lid (single piece door) made out of rolled steel lined with S.S. sheet on both sides tightened by Radial Locking System which cannot be opened when under pressure. The self-locking device automatically disengages the thread mechanism when the sterilizer is under pressure to preclude any eventuality of accident.
  • Sealing of Lid by Neoprene Rubber Gasket.
  • Fitted with shelf locking safety device.
  • Sterilization cycle is controlled by single point multi port valve fitted at front top. Pressure gauges are fitted to read jacket & chamber pressure on the top A moisture trap is fitted in the chamber discharge line to absorb the condensate automatically to prevent moistening in the chamber.
  • Chamber Insulated by Mineral/Glass Wool to minimize the heat losses and is covered by polished stainless steel sheet.
  • Fitted with pressure gauge, safety valve and steam release valve.
  • Fitted with plug screen to prevent the discharge line from choking.
  • Drain valve is fitted at the side bottom for easy draining/cleaning.
  • Sterilizing Temperature up to 1340C.
  • Sterilizing pressure : 1.2 to 1.5 kg/cm2 (15 psi to 22psi).
  • Hydraulically Tested up to 40 psi.
  • Fitted with Digital Temperature Indicator.
  • Fitted with Automatic Vacuum Breaker to break the vacuum in case of formation of vacuum due to steam condensation.
  • Fitted with Automatic Low Water Level Cut-off Device for Prevention of Heaters.
  • Supplied with Heavy Duty Vacuum Pump (Optional) for vacuum steam pulsating model.
  • Fitted with Automatic Pressure Control Switch to economizes power consumption by reducing frequent opening of the steam release valve. It cuts off the power supply to heaters when the set pressure is achieved and re-energizes the heating elements when pressure falls below the set point.
  • Control panel fitted with Pressure control switch, Main switch, Pilot lamps, relays etc. and mounted on the stand of the sterilizer for easy operation.
  • Voltage: 440 volts, 3 phase A. C. Supply

450 x 450 x 900mm 180 Ltrs
450 x 600 x 900mm 240 Ltrs
600 x 600 x 900mm 320 Ltrs
600 x 900 x 1200mm 430 Ltrs