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Pass Box Dynamic (PLT-273 A)

  • We at Tanco are one of the most trusted Dynamic Pass Box Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter from India. Our precision-engineered Dynamic Pass Box assists in transfer of materials driven through extremely controlled environment but without much personnel movement. Furthermore, this box helps in prevention of contaminants entrance either in the clean room or between various classified areas.
  • Dynamic Pass Box that we deliver in the market is accessible at affordable prices without lowering our highest quality standards for which we are a known brand and stand for. Dynamic pass box is specifically designed such that the material transfers without much personnel movement.
  • Controlling the entrance of particulate air contamination into the clean room and other controlled environments is supreme in case of Pass Box and also in order to keep the products and processes safe.
  • Personnel movement is the most important issue which must be controlled. Dynamic Pass box and material transfer Hatches are very effective solution as they permit materials to be transferred into the clean environment without much personnel movements.
  • Tanco is one of the largest exporter of Pass Box- Dynamic Class in the world with bulk of our export going to American and European markets.
  • Outer Chamber is made up of MS powder coated
  • The inner chamber is made up of Stainless Steel (304 grade).
  • Suitable for hospitals.
  • Between the outer and inner body wool is stuffed for insulation and for the prevention of thermal loss
  • Door Gasket is provided for proper sealing along with heavy hinges and door closing device
  • Heating elements are made up of high quality Nichrome
  • Kanthal wire are embedded around the chamber
  • Supplied with 1 (or) 2 removable shelves
  • Temperature is controlled by Electronic Digital temperature indicator and is fitted in front for easy visibility
  • Temperature is displayed on digital LED
  • Front panel beside the temperature display also includes the ON/OFF switch
  • Supplied with chord and Plug
  • Operating Voltage: 22 Volts AV (50 Hz)